Inspiring Conversations to live LIFE with Love Intention Flow Ease

Vandaag vieren we dat het een jaar geleden is  dat “The Book of Soulful Musings” gelanceerd werd in Groot Britanië. Geschreven door een goede vriendin, broadcaster bij RedShift Radio en Golden Muse TV, waarin ik als één van de 30 co-creators een bijdrage heb geleverd in de Heart section. Inmiddels hebben vele exemplaren hun weg gevonden naar lezers in alle delen van Europa en zelfs daarbuiten en kregen we enthousiaste reacties van lezers.

Ik deel met heel mijn hart haar passie voor “holistic health and wellbeing” en haar devies “how to maximise living LIFE with Love, Intention, Flow and Ease” is mij op het lijf geschreven. Het voelt dan ook als een eer om mee te mogen doen aan dit boek met andere inspirerende co-creators met een brede visie op gezondheid en welzijn.

Hieronder vind je de beschrijving op de achterzijde van het boek die alles zegt over de waarde van dit boek.

Empowered by the collective energy of over 30 contributors, it is infused with aha-moments, that help show you how to embrace a WHOLE-ISTIC approach to health and well-being.

Inside, you’ll find insightful selections from meaningful conversations between ChriSOULa Sirigou, The Golden Muse, and some of today’s most heart-centred thought leaders and holistic health and well-being advocates. All of these have featured on her Health and Healing Radio Show or her GoldenMuseTV Show.

As a contributor in the book I would like to share with you what my experience is of the book:

The Book of Soulful Musings is a beautiful mix of inspiring story´s with tips for daily life, beautiful poems, amazing pictures and wisdom quotes to reflect on. It is a wonderful book to read chapter by chapter and allow yourself to be inspired by its content and the positive energy.

It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of the co-creation of the book and the crowdfunding campaign. Meeting so many inspiring and heart-centered co-creators both online and in person and sharing my insights was a dream coming true.

A few tips and quotes in the book that highly resonate with me:

Only when we connect to that high vibration of Love, Freedom, Passion and Deservability, can we truly open ourselves to abundance. – by Connie-Lee Bennett

100% Intention + 100% Surrender = Manifestation by Maggie Kay

Give freely, love fully, and play feverously.
Don’t put so many conditioned rules on your happiness.
Life can be a beautiful experience if we allow it
By Dr. Steve Maraboli


ChriSOULa Sirigou compiled, wrote and published this book of extraordinary contributors with Golden Muse Publishing. ChriSOULa in Greek means “the golden lady.” Enchanting storyteller ChriSOULa, is known as The Golden Muse because of her colourful personality and great skill in quickly inspiring people to step into their authentic flow and bring out their inner golden treasure.

Celebrating the upcoming book launch in Greece with other crowd funders, enjoying the seaside and the treasures of Athens.